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 Typos And Tiny Bugs 7.20

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PostSubject: Typos And Tiny Bugs 7.20   Thu Jan 29, 2009 8:12 pm

Lightning Shrine/Store isn't invulnerable.

Way of the Wind at max level is named as such: Way of the Wind 4/5, even though, I can't upgrade it anymore than it already is. Also: Increases Your Movement Speed should be Increases your movement speed, because other spells referencing movement speed are not capitalized.

Lightning Armor: Does not have a comma between Powerful and electrical. (Shaman armor, not grunt)

Vortex: At the end of the description, there is two periods, like this..

Whirl Wind: The Can be Dispelled is wrong, as dispelled should be spelled with an uncapitalized D, as well as the note, I think, should be moved up to the rest of the description, as it looks odd where it is placed right now.

Suffocation: The Can be Dispelled, again, the D in Dispelled should be uncapitallized. Also: The note at the very end should be before the Can be Dispelled, as it would like better, and the Can be Dispelled should be placed after the note.

All I got for now.

(edit) The houses in the main island, if you scroll over the Population thing, it'll say Provided:8, with no space.

(edit) Lightning Boots, their description is Electric Boots That Grants, instead of Electric Boots/boots that grants. (Grunt boots, not Shaman)

Lightning Armor, their description is Electric Armor That Grants, instead of Electric Armor/armor that grants. (Grunt armor, not Shaman)

Lightning Staff, their description is Electric Staff That Grants, instead of Electric Staff/staff that grants.

Lightning Accessory, their description is Electric Ring That Grants, instead of Electric Ring/ring that grants.

(edit) I have just noticed, that all the grunt-type equipment, have all four words of the beginning of their descriptions capitalized.

Grunt Fire equipment, is pyre in the beginning of the description suppose to be pyre, or is it suppose to be fire?

Dark Shield: "very light, and very sharp" This doesn't make sense to me. It's a shield. Who really gives a crap if it's sharp? Mages can't even USE shields, much less bash with them. Which brings me to my next question...Why does it do damage?

Also: "Please Post Latest Version In Title of Threads Posted." is the description of this section. Should be: Please post the Latest Version in the title of threads posted.
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Typos And Tiny Bugs 7.20
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