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 Just a replay

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PostSubject: Just a replay   Fri Jan 30, 2009 4:12 pm

So, this is a replay of a game earlier. We did -an and got to level 50 in a single game. I was more rude than usual because one ally left and the other one couldn't seem to aim a dang Firebolt. (I think he hit with Firebolt a grand total of 3ish times in a game that was over 3 hours.) Although I was feeding plenty myself. Still, I would prefer to feed the enemy and give them exp than to fail to kill someone and lose exp for us.

Anyway, it's an example of how the game is kinda hard to end still, and how the new -an is pretty sick. I also got a nice Holy base mage out of it which I can teir into whatever else I want fairly easily I think.

Long -an replay.
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Just a replay
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