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 My Suggestions Based From my Playing

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PostSubject: My Suggestions Based From my Playing   Tue Feb 10, 2009 10:18 am

Well as you may know I have only been up to kobolds level 3, and then my team would die, regardless in 6.0 or 5.3. In 6.0 I can last a lot longer with Element Set and Robe of the Magi and take care of my team, this was by far the best build I have ever used for long lasting battles and support.

Here are my suggest to make the game more balanced:

1) Weapons
- Everyone pretty much uses Tri-Barrel...its only 44k and the DPS is totally worth it, especially when you have enough mana regen and or a guy with Rep. Shot.
- Master rifle is subpar, in my opinion this gun needs a cool down of 0.5 or maybe less to justify its cost of 88k and use in late game usage.
- Master Sniper, by far the most useless gun in the game, who care about the range and power, in 3 secs you are gonna be swarmed with creeps that you can't even shoot at. I would possibly double its power and double its range and decrease it cool down.

* The reason why I suggest these changes is because this game is about killing swarms of enemies, its not like 5 creeps spawn at each end...there are a lot more. For example try using a Master Sniper and kill the Skellies and Necromancers...LOL, why should a 44k Sniper significantly less effective at killing swarms than other guns when its cost is so high. (I am aware that the shot being used matters too) But I dare you to play with Master Sniper the entire game and you will hate it, same with Master Rifle, both can't keep up with Tri-barrel regardless of shot. Yet the prices do not justify this.

2) Shots
In my opinion, since this game seems to be about killing swarms, why are there so few AOE shots?? All single shots are almost useless, because you will get swarmed with enemies.
- Just add AOE effect to more shots so they can become more effective at killing, rather than not being used at all.
- Missle Shot is subpar, I have used it for a long time with Master Rifle, sure the dmg is good, but i just get owned with mass creeps, increase the AOE on it, heck it costs 15k and has less effect on mass creeps than fireball shot which is 600 gold. *Aside a missle in real life has huge AOE damage.
- Yes I understand some of these none aoe shots can be used for killing bosses..but who does? Why use a single shot when an AOE shot will do just fine and potentially damage more than 1 boss when u get swarmed by 3-6 bosses chasing u. * Note how SinisterRing beat the game, all you need is Divineshot, was this game created that Divine shot with Tri-barrel will be the only viable choices late game???

3) Gear/Equipment
Overall the sets and gear need be scaled to be more effective based on cost, meaning if the cost is high for the entire set, then the set bonus should high to match. Because right now in 6.0 there are very few viable builds that even last long, the rest just plainly suck.
- Royal Set was good in 5.3, in 6.0 it sucks, why bother use it when the stat bonuses are pathetic...it costs 100k gold! Give back its stats!
- Ninja Set is perfectly fine, but Quill shot sucks, does anyone here really use Quill shot with Ninja set late game?? I think not...your better off using Fireball shot when the round starts and then switch to Divine shot when the creeps get close and AOE them all to death than worry about quill shot hitting 1-3 targets (Tri-barrel) and dealing dmg over time and waiting for the creep to die.
- Mino Set, seems fine.
- The new Magi Set, this set pretty much sucks, late game you will run outta mana...hence I came up with the Element + Robe of the Magi using Tri-barrel and 2 main shots Fireball and Divine shot and then purchase Rep. Shot to support allies after rounds are complete. Yes this works and my entire team asks my why do i always have full mana...its because I know what i'm doing...
- Fighter set is kinda fun, its a hybrid tank and damage dealer when you use Ninja Shoes for the critical, I used Sac. Shot with this and deals 1200 normal damage and 1700 critical, but once again I get swarmed and its GG.
- Dragon set, its ok at best....what's the point in using it when you are likely going to need or use divine shot late game, over constantly using fireball shot.
- Hawk Set, fun set to use that's for sure, great overall, but this set will suffer from lack of mana late game, if using high mana cost shots like Divine.
- Spike set, useless, who really wants to be a sitting duck? you needa healer constantly behind you, if the healer gets stunned, there goes the Metacian using spike.
- Mana set, I haven't played it much, but since Rep Shot is here, why bother?
- Mage set, excellent for early game, late game runs outta mana and can no longer sustain shooting (using divine of course).

4) Creeps
Once again, I am taking the perspective that this game is about AOE killing and some single target bosses, in which people still use AOE spells agains't them anyways because it is just more effective overall. I think everything about the creeps currently is fine, the AI is fine, the spawning and randomness is fine. Just maybe make the skellies at the beginning easier for noobs, since they want to get kills but instead have to let those tower guards do much of the work for the first 1-3 rounds.

5) NPC (The guys with the items and stuff)
There should be a little text box or something indicating what they do, as apposed to having noobs clicking on them and trying to understand.
- For example the ArchMagus is the stats guys his title should be "Use Skill Points" or something "Buy Weapons", "Buy Shots", and etc.
- There should be a tip for the noobs, to equip gear and stuff, sometimes this tip comes later in the game. Set 1 tip to come always first and make it last long enough for the noobs to read it. For example Tip 1 "Click on you gear to equip and press "A" to shoot", enjoy killing". Something to that effect.

Overall this is just my opinion of the game, take it with a grain of salt, but if people do agree with me, then I do see that these balances will make the game more interesting and more fun, rather than just running around with Tri-barrel and divine shot, with a set that provides enough mana regen to complete the job round by round.
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My Suggestions Based From my Playing
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