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 Why I Made This

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PostSubject: Why I Made This   Sat Apr 04, 2009 8:50 pm

For those who are seeing this forum for the first time, you're likely wondering why the hell I have so many forums (one for each of the maps I graciously discontinued), even though I am no longer working on them. Well, I'm sure that everyone who knows me around here has seen how I usually start something yet never finish it. So this is why I've made all these forums.

I'm making all the maps "open source." This means that anyone has access to an unprotected version of any map I decide I no longer want to make or work with. This should help those interested in learning JASS or some form of it, and also give a base for those who want to make a map similar to the ones I was trying to make. Now, the thing is, I'm sure that if anyone feels like picking up on these maps, they don't want an unprotected version of it flying around and such all over the place. So here's what I suggest if you want to pick up on one of these maps:

  • Make a post saying you want to continue the map.
  • Give a reason why you want to continue it.
  • Give a brief summary of what you plan to do with it.

For those who do the following thing, the map will then be yours and I will take it off the site so you can do whatever you want.

Question: How do I get the maps?
Just go to the correct forum and go to the sticky of that forum. On the top of the thread, there should be a link to download the map from. Below that link, there should be a To-Do list which is what I was planning to do next with it.

Go to the link, then wait for it to scan the file for viruses. When it checks out, simply click "Start your download" or whatever it says. You should then be able to download the map.

Question: You're doing this for the credit, aren't you?
No. In fact, if you want to take the map and remove my name from it fully, I don't mind. I realize that starting a map then never finishing it deserves no credit but plenty of shame. Starting a map then simply leaving it there for no reason is terrible. But it's a habit. I can't help it. That's why they're open source now, so people can either learn or create starting from my failures. Another mans trash is another mans treasure.

So really, no. I don't want credit if you take the map. If you want to leave me as a credit, go ahead. Otherwise, I don't mind.

Does this mean you're done making maps? Or are going to work on maps that are currently in this category?
No, I'm not done making maps nor am I going to work on the maps in this category any further (unless I feel like it... which might be possible with True Combat at the time). Instead, I'm going to be doing whatever I want in the background instead. I'm already working on another map, but people apparently don't want me to tell them anything about it because they think I'm just going to fail on it and disappoint everyone. If that's the case, you'll see more random maps popping up in this section.
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Why I Made This
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