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 Changelog of MM&M (Versions 5.01-6.08) [Zync]

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PostSubject: Changelog of MM&M (Versions 5.01-6.08) [Zync]   Fri May 23, 2008 11:32 am

Quote :

- Fire Orb's range increased to 850 (from 750)
- Death Coil functions at half effect when targeting self
- Hopefully got the multi-hero glitch

- Increased mana cost of Lightning Strike
- Increased mana cost of Tazor
- Heal, Holy Bolt, and Restore now function at half effect when targeting self
- Killing the enemy's Ranger stops the spawning of Archers
- Killing the enemy's Knight reduced the number of spawning Footmen/Swordsmen to 2 (from 3) per wave
- Fixed Morphing once and for all (I hope...)
- Typo fixes

- Very slightly decreased the rate at which Icy Orb fires Frost Bolts
- Slightly increased Wind Element's movement speed
- Heroes below lvl 15 won't lose their spell damage reduction upon death
- Hopefully death bug fixed

- When Sanctuary's duration ends, you don't continue channeling
- Increased exp gain range from 1250 to 1550
- Hopefully fixed resurrection bug
- Other modifications

(NOTE: this version is VERY experimental. If the name changing or the new resurrection causes bugs, please revert back to 6.03)
- You can now change your name
- Gave Wind Spell Book its tooltips (can't believe no one told me...)
- Sanctuary now has a max channeling time of 35 seconds
- Lowered Skill Point cost of Way of the Wind
- Wind Walk can no longer target non-walkable terrain
- You now gain exp/gold and retain your vision while Wind Walking
- You now always resurrect in Mage form, no matter how you died
- Finally fixed the sight radius reduction due to death

- Remade Dark Tithe
- Altered Carrion Swarm slightly
- Gave Skeleton Magi Magic Missile
- Way of the Wind now gives a small Power bonus
- True Sight now gives a small Essence bonus
- Pop deals quadruple damage to summoned units
- Wind Walk's casting range now increases with level
- Wind Elemental is no longer targetable
- Reduced Wind Elemental's model size
- Vortex AoE now increases with level
- Reduced level based gold gained per kill
- Typo fixes
- Game no longer crashes when you try to upgrade a spell while dead

- Reduced Firewall's damage
- Fixed Mountain Giant's Fissure triggering
- Reduced the Power differentiation in Static Charge
- Fixed bug in Static Charge extra damage calculation
- Decreased Finger of Death's mana cost
- Fixed War Staff's level requirement
- Lowered all item's stat requirements
- Other bug and MANY (thx SinisteRing) typo fixes

- Reset the Code!
- Increased Smite's range to 450
- Finger of Deaths range increased to 450, and damage cap decreased to 8*Power
- Slightly decreased Inferno's mana cost
- Increased Icy Orb's mana cost
- Decreased Earthquake's movement speed reduction
- Decreased Interrupt's mana cost
- Magic Missile now deals 85 damage to units with magic damage reduction.
- Paladin's Devotion Aura now affects Heroes again
- The trigger that prevents unit sharing should be fixed
- You should no longer be able to equip spell books while Morphing
- Removed Paladin's magic damage reduction
- Dropped the max hero level to 62
- Added requirements to certain equipment (especially Element Gear)
- No single stat may be greater than the sum of your other 2 stats (this means no stat can be greater than 62 at level 62, not including items)
- You are now told when your tips settings are changed
- Added a quest that gives 1 Skill Point
- Added the Wind Element (no Wind Island yet)
- Lowered cost of Cloak of Shadows
- Other bug and typo fixes

- Reduced duration of Freeze, yet increased its damage
- Finger of Death now kills you if you cast it while invulnerable
- All potions share the same cooldown, and cooldown time is now included in the potion's description
- You can now ask for specific tips
- Other bug and typo fixes

Alpha5.12: (sorry for back-to-back release)
- Reduced Flare's mana cost to 95/100/105
- Reduced the Blink range of Blink Boots to 550
- Changed Finger of Death's casting range to melee

- Reduced the damage dealt by Thunderclap
- Static Charge will not go off if the dying Mage does not have the mana to cast Lightning Strike on death
- Static Charge now deals 50% more damage if the killing Mage has more Power (it was 100% more)
- Restore's mana rate was reduced
- Replenish's cooldown was reduced, and it's AoE increased
- Interrupt should now stop the channeling of Sanctuary, or any other channeling ability
- Bubble should now be able to target invulnerable units, and stop them (stop their channeling)
- Increased the cooldown of Lightning Elemental as well as Fire Elemental
- Increased casting range and miss chance of Blind
- Increased the AoE of Pacifism
- Increased Dispel's casting range from 500 -> 750
- You are now invulnerable while Phase Shifted
- Reduced the duration of Invulnerable Potions to 3 seconds, and increased gold cost
- Reduced the Invulnerable duration of the Medallion of Courage from 8 --> 5 seconds
- Spell books being removed will no longer leave their stat bonuses on the Mage
- Players should no longer be able to share of control of their units/Mages
- Added a moment of Invulnerability during morphing (all effects that happen during morphing would be reset anyways), to finally get rid of the rare infinite armor bug
- Other small bug fixes and balances

- Finally added the 11 Lightning Element spell (thx for the ideas)
- Player 12 is no longer allied with Creeps after the Great War
- Removed Abolish Magic from all the RPG creeps
- If a Mage Resurrects while another Mage is casting Resurrection on them, then the casting Mage will stop channeling
- Resurrection only works on player Heroes
- The player is now notified when one of their farmers (male or female) dies
- Capped Death Coil's damage to 6*Power and healing to 10*Power
- Capped Soul Reaper's damage to 8*Power
- FINALLY fixed Finger of Death, and capped it's damage to 10*Target's Power

Alpha5.05: (Warning, keep the last player slot closed when hosting)
- Extended the turn on of the save code from 36 seconds -> 6 minutes
- Increased the cost of invisible and invulnerable potions
- Fixed Death Pact's skill point cost
- Increased Death Pact's max level to 6
- Fixed Finger of Death damage (99% sure)
- Fixed Finger of Death animation
- Fixed Death Coil
- Increased mana cost of Paladin's heal
- Other small bug fixes

- Fixed the Save permissions bug (sry bout that)

- Fixed Death Coil (99% sure)
- Halved damage of Firebolts shot from Fire Orb
- Halved damage of Fissures that come from Erupt and Mountain Giant's attack
- Removed Infernal's Resistant Skin
- Removed Sea Element's natural +50% mana regen while morphed (no one else even knew about this)
- There must now be at least 2 persons still playing MM&M six minutes into the game, or not only are you unable to save your Mage, but the game insults you for being a fat slob.
- Added a safety trig that kills Heroes trying to bd. If it causes too many problems, it will be retracted.
- Increased paladin's lvl from 66 -> 99
- (I don't think Leech Life is fixed, but I did make some adjustments)

- Changed Fire Element, replacing Ignite with Flare, and increasing the damage Burn deals.
- Remade Dark Element, thanks for the forum help.
- Gave new heroes 65% spell damage reduction for that game only, or untill lvl 15
- Gave farmers a 1 hour life span.
- Other bug fixes and added afk farming restrictions

- This should fix the respawn bugs, incorporates many of the balance issues thus far discussed, as well as adds the Dark Element.
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Changelog of MM&M (Versions 5.01-6.08) [Zync]
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