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 Changelog of MM&M (Version 7.13b)

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PostSubject: Changelog of MM&M (Version 7.13b)   Thu Aug 21, 2008 8:23 pm

Changelog of MM&M (Version 7.13b)

===New Features===



Sinkhole : Re-Coded
Sinkhole : Applied a New Icon to differentiate from other spells with same Icon
Vapor Shield : Reduced Initial Charging down to 15% from 25%
Vapor Shield : Reduced Maximum Charging down to 45% from 50%
Vapor Shield : Increased Mana Cost to 95 from 65
Vapor Shield : Applied a New Aura to Avoid confusion with RPG Questing Creeps

Aos Middle Area : Rivers running along sides of Middle area have been Reduced in Width from the outside in.
Aos Middle Area : Removed Some Unneeded tree's and Placed a cosmetic flower bed on bottom left area
Aos Middle Area : Cliff Terrain Change around River next to Middle Area facing diagonally towards each other

Incorporated a Graphic Timing Structure
Re-Wrote the Channeling Structure, this should solve many rare and random spell glitches
Re-Wrote the Channeling Stop Structure, this should solve many rare and random spell glitches
Re-Wrote the Buff System, this should solve many rare and random spell glitches
Re-Wrote the Movement Speed System, this should solve many rare and random spell glitches
Incorporated a Orb System to handle the orbs from now on. Orbs now work as they should. Re balancing Orbs should be Discussed with a version header in the balance section.
Incorporated a Critical Hit System for Precision Strike and Flaming Essence, should now work as intended
Incorporated a New Unit Death System that should reduce lag greatly in long games

===Game Modes===
All New No Save : Experience Rate Increased to 12x Normal Mode Game, an Increase of 2x
All New : Experience Rate Increased to 4x Normal Mode Game, an Increase of 2x
All New No Save : Increased Gold Bounty rate to 12x Normal Game, an Increase of 2x
All New : Increased Gold Bounty rate to 4x Normal Game, an Increase of 3x


Magic Missile : Should No longer Work through Sanctuary
Note : This is a direct buff to Sanctuary

LifeLeech : Re-Coded

Armageddon : Re-Coded
EarthQuake : Re-Coded
Erupt : Re-Coded, Timing balancing should be discussed on forums
Fissure : Dummy Spell Changed for New Coding, Report any Issues with Fissure with a Version Header

FlameStrike : Re-Coded
Burn : Re-Coded
Fire Orb : Re-Coded
FireWall : Re-Coded

Heal : Re-Coded
Restore : Re-Coded

Icy Orb : Re-Coded

Lightning Strike : Increased Width Range to 150 from 100
Lightning Strike : Changed From Target Unit to Target Point
ThunderStorm : Re-Coded, Timing and Damage have been changed considerably, balancing should be discussed on forums with a proper version header.

Geyser : Re-Coded

Way of The Wind : Now Adds a static 5 Movement speed each level, changed from a percentage
Note : This is a basic attempt at fixing the speed glitch if it truly revolves around Way of the wind this should solve it. Testing runs have not produced this glitch so report it with a version header if it still occurs.

Vortex : Re-Coded
Suffocation : Re-Coded
Cyclone : Re-Coded

Removed the Inventory Ability from Many Summoned Units, if any remain please report on forums
Health Felhound : Remade Life Leech, it is Now different then the Dark Element Life Leech.
Health Felhound : Fixed unholy Aura staying at level 1 and lowered its AOE to 600
Mana Felhound : Fixed Mana Regeneration Aura staying at level 1 and Lowered its AOE to 600
Sylvanas Ranger : Increased Essence to match Shandris Ranger


Aos Island : New PvP Quest in Middle Area
New Feature : Added a Item Reward System to the Quest Structure, No Quests have been Changed to accommodate this new system yet. This system is intended for future Boss rewards.

Ice Boots : Fixed Incorrect Damage addition for icy Orb, it was set at 32.5 Damage Increase

Mana Fountain : Changed to 3.0 Mana Per Second
Note : Percentage Regen worked perfectly for ANNS mode but proved to Broken in NM games.

Import Manager : Cleaned up and removed unused graphics
Note : This allowed the addition of various Icon changes, Model Changes, Aura Changes without increasing the Size of the Map.

Region Boundaries : The boundaries controlling when the NPC's will teleport back to base has been changed to stop the abuse of Sinkhole positioning the NPC's away from the AOS war. In addition The Range that the NPC's now run out of the base to has been increased by 50, meaning they will now slightly walk out beyond the towers before being teleported back.

Harvesting : Should no longer produce a Animated Skeleton Dying upon Harvest
Removed over powered Test Item From Market in AOS, will never work in future versions.
Attempt to Remove Food Production from Morphs
Morph Glitch should be Fixed, Please report if it is still active with a version header.


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Changelog of MM&M (Version 7.13b)
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