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 Changelog of MM&M (Version 7.14)

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PostSubject: Changelog of MM&M (Version 7.14)   Fri Aug 22, 2008 8:50 pm

==Change Log for Version MMMAlpha 7.14 - 7.14a==

===New Features===


Earth/Wind : Replaced Suffocation[C] with ShockWave[C]
Earth/Wind : Replaced Hurl Boulder[W] with Cyclone[W]
Earth/Wind : Replaced Invisibility[F] with Earthquake[F]
Note : For balance reasons involving the new M-Spell Invisibility is removed from this Multi book until further notice. Balance Discussion is open for forums.

Dark/Earth : Fixed book Tool tip Giving Incorrect Spell Abilities

ShockWave : Instant
Description : Sends a Wave out every .4 Seconds for 2 Seconds in increments of 120 Aoe Spreading Outwards Each wave. Each Wave Deals 2 * Power, mini stuns for .1 Second and Silences for 1 Second. Silence Effects do Not Stack.
Note : If someone is standing within 120 Range they will take all 5 waves worth of damage for a total of 10* Power. If someone is standing exactly 600 Away they will only take One wave of Damage.



===Game Modes===


Magical Blast : Fixed Tool tip giving wrong Cool down


Erupt : Added Additional Information to Shrine Upgrade Tool Tips



Icy Orb : Corrected Shrine Upgrade Tool Tips

ThunderStorm : Increased Delay to 3.5 Seconds with a -.5 Second Increment per Level, a Net Gain of +1 Second at Level 3





Dark Island : Fixed typo in Dark Quest

Invisible Potion : Removed From The Game Entirely
Invulnerable Potion : Removed From The Game Entirely
Lesser Clarity Potion : Reduced Price to 0
Potion of Healing : Reduced Price to 0
Clarity Potion : Reduced Price to 1
Potion of Greater Healing : Reduced Price to 1
Essence Potion : Reduced Price to 2
Stamina Potion : Reduced Price to 2

Back Door System has Been Re Done



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Changelog of MM&M (Version 7.14)
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