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 What are you excited about?

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What are you excited about? Empty
PostSubject: What are you excited about?   What are you excited about? EmptyFri Jul 23, 2010 2:47 am

For example, Starcraft II, an upcoming movie, whatever.

Me, Brandon Flowers' first solo album, "Flamingo" (September). Also the next The Killers' album.

There's also a new Dune movie being developed, not really excited about it, just kinda expecting it.

Hmm... what else... nothing else I guess. Too bad the Prime saga ended (Metroid).

I feel I'm forgetting something, but whatever.

Well, this is not what I'm forgetting but I want to mention how cool is Japan's robotic development. Shanghai World Expo 2010, look it up.

P.S.: Brandon Flowers' first single as a solo artist, from his upcoming album.
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What are you excited about?
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