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 Changelog of MM&M (Version 7.13-7.13a)

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PostSubject: Changelog of MM&M (Version 7.13-7.13a)   Mon Aug 11, 2008 10:09 pm

===Version 7.13a===

===New Features===
Added a Gold to Skill Point Purchase at Tree of Eternity



Vapor Shield : Model Attached to Spell to Signify When it is On/Off

Lightning Strike : Attempt To Redo Lightning Strike to Work Correctly Note : Pythagorean

Hurl Boulder : Increased its casting Range to Match its Actual Range, +150 Range to 600

Geyser : Increased AOE to 295 At All Levels

Way of The Wind : Reduced Movement Speed bonus from 5% to 3% per Level

Fixed Harvesting to now grow in the proper time

===Version 7.13===

===New Features===
Increase Reward for Winning Any Game Mode to 2 SP
Increased SP cap to 56 from 40
Changed Hacker Message when Loading to much SP or Gold
Fountain of Mana : Now regenerate 1% of your mana every second, Old Regeneration rate was 1.5 Mana Per Second


Wind/Water Book : Replaced Dispel Magic[E] with Winged Steps[E]
Fire/Water Book : Replaced Flare[E] with Dispel Magic[E]
Fire/Water Book : Replaced Mana Shield[R] with Fire Wall[R]
Fire/Water Book : Replaced FlameStrike[C] with Vapor Shield[C]

Vapor Shield
ManaCost : 65 Mana
Cooldown : 20 Seconds
Spell : Creates a Vapor Shield around you that will absorb 25% of your maximum
hit points in damage. Vapor Shield can have a Maximum Charge of 50% of your
Maximum Hitpoints and will last until the shield is destroyed.
Note : Creates Blue numbers over your head to tell you how much damage absorbtion is left on shield
Note : As of Yet I do not have a Model to use for this, It will be implemented over The next release

Sinkhole : Removed The Silence Effect
Cursed Waves : Now requires Carrion Swarm Level 3 and Crushing Wave Level 3 to use


Lightning Strike has been Re-Coded, Tested Note : Pythagoras
Flame Strike has been Re-Coded, Not tested Note : Pythagoras
Geyser has been Re-Coded, Not Tested Note : Pythagoras
Vortex has been Re-Coded, Tested Note : Pythagoras
Burn has been Re-Coded, Not Tested Note : Pythagoras
Suffocation has been Re-Coded, Tested Note : Pythagoras
Heal has been Re-Coded, Tested Note : Pythagoras
Restore has been Re-Coded, Tested Note : Pythagoras
Leech Life has been Re-Coded, Not Tested Note : Pythagoras
Note : Any bugs should be reported on forums with Version Header and spell name

===Game Modes===
ANNS : Army Upgrades every 8 Battle Rounds up from 4
AN : Army Upgrades every 12 Battle Rounds Up from 8
Note : -NM Upgrades Every 16 Battle Rounds


Sleep : Reduced Mana Cost to 35 from 125
Sleep : Reduced Cooldown to 4 Seconds from 16
Magicians Push : Renamed to "Push"

Raise Dead : Now Summons upto 1 Skeleton Warrior At Each Level. Level 3 will Summon 3 Skeleton Warriors
Raise Dead : CoolDown Increased to now scale from 12 Through 36 seconds
Raise Dead : Area of Effect now Sclaes from 700 through 900 Aoe
Raise Dead : Mana Cost now Scales from 35 through 105
Raise Dead : Now Increments Hit Point Bonus by 125 Per Level up from 85.
Skeleton Mage : Starting MP Increased +20
Dark Tithe : Now Stuns in increments of 0.4 Seconds Per Level, a Net gain at Level 5 of -0.5 Seconds
Infernal : Reduced Stun time to 1.5 Seconds
Infernal : Increased Delayed Impact time to 1.5 Seconds up from 1.0 Seconds


Burn : Reduced Base Damage -0.2 * Power, Still Increments at 0.2 Power Per Level
Fire Orb : Mana Cost now Scales from 355 through 405 mana cost


FrostBite : Now Has 3 Levels, with an SP cost of 5 Per level, A net gain at level 3 of +2 SP Cost
FrostBite : Now Scales Damage 40 through 110 Per second
FrostBite : Now Scales Duration from 4 Seconds through 8 Seconds
FrostBite : Now Scales AOE from 375 through 475
Icy Orb : Mana Cost now Scales from 355 through 405 Mana Cost
Icy Orb : Cooldown now set to 21 Seconds at all levels
Icy Orb : Damage now Scales 0.75 through 2.25 power, a net gain of 0.75

Lightning Strike : Now Arcs toward the first Unit in its path toward your intended Target in a 100 Range width.


Way of the Wind : Now Increases Movement Speed 5% Per Level
Way of the Wind : Removed Power Bonus

Mana Felhound : Replaced Soul Reaper with a 20 Damage FeedBack ability
The Watcher : Fixed Tooltip Error with Jays Jade Jewel Listing the Watcher as a Fire Elemental
The Watcher : Now Has Divine Armor Type
The Watcher : Increased Watchers HitPoints to 95
The Watcher : Increased Hit Point Regeneration to 1 Per Second
Priest/Emmissary : Added to Barracks for Training
Farmers : Reduced Harvesting Time to 5.33 Seconds from 6.33 Seconds.



New Potion : Stamina Potion :6g :Combat Consumable :Regenerates Target Unit 450 Hit Points over 45 Seconds
New Potion : Essence Potion :6g :combat Consumable :Regenerates Target Unit 450 Mana Points over 45 Seconds
New Armor : Shimmering Armor :215g :+4 Armor, +165 HP, +1.3 Health Regeneration, +65 Mana, 10% Mana Regen and the Devour Magic Ability
New Boots : Cloud Walkers :177g :+2 Armor, +40 Movement Speed, +2 Essence, +45 Mana and the Cloud Ability
New Boots : Skeleton Boots :158g :+3 Armor, +1.3 Health Regeneration, +70 Mana, +25 Movement Speed and the raise dead Ability.
Crystal Water Potion : Reduced Price -1 Gold

Fixed Many Shrine Tooltips Incorrectly Stating what a Spell does, there may be more so report any you find
Removed TrueSight From All Towers
Front Two Towers : now give off a Heat Aura 700 aoe that causes exhaustion and reduces Physical Damage by 15% of Enemies.
Front two Towers : Reduced Base Damage 15
Front two towers : Reduced Hit Points to 1000 from 1200



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Changelog of MM&M (Version 7.13-7.13a)
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